About Us

Welcome to Exceptional Kids – A Resource Guide for the Special Needs Community. Our mission is to empower parents of special needs children with the resources they need to help their children to be as healthy and successful as possible, and most of all happy.

Our personal journey began 22 years ago when our beautiful daughter was born. Her first couple of years seemed normal, then we noticed a delay in her speech and so began the search of finding out what could be going on in our daughter’s development. We took her to numerous doctors and specialists where she was diagnosed with ADHD. We continued to have challenges at home and at school. We knew that there was still something else going on so I continued to look for services and therapies to help. At the age of 16, she was diagnosed with Autism.

One of the many challenges we had over the years was finding a resource magazine that we could just pick up and at least get a head start on what was out there to help us, help our child. I was always reading books, looking up articles for information, talking to people who worked with special needs children.

Since we have been publishing magazines over the years, it just seemed logical to start our own magazine that would serve all disabilities and help families, caregivers and professionals find the resources that were available in one place. We talked to case managers, social workers, pediatricians and others serving the special needs population and all agreed a resource would be great and was needed. So we hope you will enjoy our magazine and while we have tried to include as many resources as possible in the printed magazine, we have hundreds more on our website. If you know of a resource that would be helpful, please email us.


Kameron Chicoine
Owner, Publisher & Mom