I am Bored I have nothing to do!

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How often has your child said, “I am bored, I have nothing to do.” There is so much new technology available for our children today to educate, communicate and entertain. But sometimes they just need another activity to break the monotony and do something different. Most often they want to spend time with you. Below are some suggestions of fun activities you can do at home with items you already have on hand.

One of my favorites is to build a fort, take some old sheets, blankets, pillows and lay them over several chairs, you and your child can sit or lie underneath and let your imagination take over. You can get a flash light for additional lighting. Your child can bring their favorite stuffed animal into their fort and you can read a story, talk about the characters, laugh and enjoy your time together. This activity is fun for the whole family and you can adapt it to your child’s ability.

Have a scavenger hunt, take some items from around the house ie. a stuffed animal, a bright colored ball, a squeaky toy, doll or action figure, items from the kitchen are fun, a spatula, bright colored bowl, the choices are endless. Make a list of the items, hide the items (make sure to consider the age and ability of your child to reach the treasures they find).  Depending on your child’s age let them take the list and go around looking for the items. You can take the list around and read off the items for them. At the end of your scavenger hunt have a special treat such as a favorite snack.

Pull out paper, crayons, pencils whatever you have around the house, sit down and draw or color pictures with your child. Coloring can be very therapeutic and relaxing. Don’t worry about what they draw or staying in the lines just enjoy the time you are spending together.

I hope these suggestions will inspire you with ideas of, your own. Just remember, the cost is zero, the time with your child is priceless.

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