Inspiring Program in Oregon Helps Young Kids With Disabilities Get Mobile

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Go Baby Go is working to provide mobility to children who have disabilities. Source: UD GoBabyGo via Facebook

An innovative new program in Oregon called “Go Baby Go!” has helped young children with disabilities become mobile thanks to simple conversions of ride-on toys. Aimed at young children under three years old, this program allows families to overcome the steep price tag of wheelchairs. Commercial wheelchairs for children under 3 years old can cost as much as $30,000, and without insurance help (which is hard to obtain for infant and toddler wheelchairs), this is often a price tag that is completely out of a family’s reach.

Go Baby Go! works with families to meet the personalized mobility needs of their children using ride-on toys that can be purchased at any toy store. They integrate common materials such as flexible pool noodles, fabric ties, plastic ties and activation switches to customize the toy for a particular child. Each vehicle costs $200 and offers children a host of benefits beyond increased mobility. The converted ride-on toys can also have a positive impact on a child’s cognitive, interpersonal, and language skills.

Go Baby Go! should inspire more people to take the initiative to create fun things for kids with disabilities to enjoy. Everyone deserves a playful childhood, after all! Visit us online at Exceptional Kids to learn more!