Sample Ad Ideas

Below are some sample ad ideas that will provide visibility for your non-profit organization and could be underwritten or sponsored by some of your key contributors. When an ad is placed in Exceptional Kids, A Resource guide for the Special Needs Community, here are the five key areas of visibility you will gain for your non-profit organization:

66,000 copies are printed. Our frequency is 3 times per year, they are distributed to over 500 locations.

1. Locations

2. Local Events

We have participated in the Tappestry Conference for Region 20, Any Baby Can – Autism Walk, AccessAbility Fest, (Kameron Chicoine, our owner, serves on the Planning Committee for AccessAbility Fest).

3. Mobile Magazine

Exceptional Kids mobile magazine provides consumers “on the go” access to our free publication library using all mobile devices. Exceptional Kids Mobile Mag is featured on 33 billboards around the city in HEB’s. The mobile mag is user friendly, interactive with hyperlinks and features to expand the readers experience. To view the mobile mag just TEXT to 64842 SAKIDS.

Below are some ad ideas for you to consider:

Ad campaign #1

Opportunity to thank your donors and participants for all that was contributed in 2016 and all you have accomplished.

Ad campaign #2

Plans for 2017 (id. Volunteers, contributors, sponsors and donors.)

Ad campaign #3

We have some really big goals we are working towards the future. (3-5 year plans)

Ad Campaign #4

Fundraising events

Feel free to contact Kameron Chicoine: